Real Techniques review


Now…I am totally late to the party with this post, but better late than never! Real Techniques Bold Metals collection review. I recently bought the holiday collection edition of the bold metals, it included the 103 angled powder brush, 300 tapered blush brush and the 200 oval shadow brush. In my brush collection I also own the Core Collection and the Starter Set. The bristles on the bold metals are so much softer, which totally helps you achieve a better fiIMG_1576nish.

Excuse the slightly dirty brushes but I have been using them everyday as I love them. The 103 brush is perfect for powder and even bronzing the skin, it blends like a dream so its super easy to use if you just wanted a subtle glow without having a sharp contour. On the other hand if you want those Kim Kardashian cheek bones, the 300 brush is tapered to the perfect size for applying a cooler bronzer to your cheek bones. Easy to apply, easy to blend, what more could you ask for in a brush. However I am struggling to find an efficient use for the 200 shadow brush. For me the brush head is too large for doing anything other than packing shadow onto the lid. It is too dense to blend with, and too wide to apply a crease/transition shade. But it does pick up product well so if you need a brush for solely packing on shadow, buy it!

I am a massive lover all things real techniques and I have used the core collection and eye set pretty much everyday, they are GREAT brushes. However, if you are looking for something a little bit more special as a gift or perhaps you just want to treat yourself, I would go for the bold metals. When you hold and use the bold metals you feel that they have a more luxurious feel. To be honest, you cannot go wrong with any real techniques purchase in my opinion, just depends on your personal perference!

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