Inter-railing: is it for you?


July-August 2015 I went inter-railing with two off my friends. I’ve always been one for adventure and have had many amazing opportunites growing up to go to places all over, but this was my first proper trip without my family. I loved the thrill off being able to do whatever we wanted day to day, we had no set schedule from places to go or where to stay. It was incredible and I would do it again tomorrow. For people who are always in good spirits and up for anything, then this kind of trip is right up your alley. It’s definitely for ‘glass half full’ people, as you need to be able to stay positive with any minor inconveniences that change your plans. Pick some good people and do it! For an amazing trip on a budget,what have you got to lose?  We used this website to book: Interrail


Zagreb, Croatia


Verona, Italy


Zurich, Switzerland