November Favourites


It’s favourites time! Most of these products I have had for a while but have been making more off an appearance this month, so lets get started. The first thing I have loved using this month, is the ‘Naked 2’ palette, now I love this palette all year round it has super pigmentation and a great collection of shadows, but the particular shadow I wanted to include in my favourites is ‘chopper’, this has quickly become one of my favourite shadows…EVER. It is a beautiful metallic copper colour, and I can’t stop using it. Staying on the makeup theme,the next thing I wanted to
include is a couple of lipsticks. The first is the MAC ‘Viva Glam 3’. If there ever was the perfect winter dark lip shade, for me it’s this one. It’s a matte formulation, so it looks extra classy and sleek when applied. The pigmentation and staying power is great (like all MAC lipsticIMG_1635ks to be honest) and it makes it very easy to dress up a simply make up look. The second lipstick I wanted to mention is the Estée Lauder double wear lipstick in ‘Stay Mocha’ I bought this at a discount store, after no research or anything into the product or colour,but I love it. I don’t have any colour like it, it glides onto the lips and stays all day long. The packaging on these is just stunning in my opinion, proper luxerious. Slightly lighter and warmer than the ‘Viva glam 3’ so maybe more off an everyday lipstick for some people.

The next thing is a brush I have been loving. It’s the NYX Pro blending brush (16),I got this as I had points on a loyalty card to spend and I needed a new blending brush, and I was pleasantly surprised. As one off my first NYX products I didn’t know what to expect, I had heard many good things about their lip products but never had a chance to try them out (still need to purchase some!!. This brush is great, blends eyeshadow amazingly, super soft bristles and doesn’t shed!

Moving onto a skincare item, I have been trying to figure out a decent skincare routine that works for me for a while, it’s still a working process but trying to find the right products for your skin is so difficult- it can’t just be me that has this problem?! Anyway, my friend recommended The Body Shop Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil, and I was a bit hesitance at first because I have oily/combination skin anyway so the idea off adding more oil too my face didn’t seem like the best idea, but after talking to the lovely shop assistant in Body Shop she said it could be in fact very beneficial, so I got it and I she couldn’t have been more right. It has reduced the amount of oil produced on my skin and helped clear any blemishes, I would definitely recommend if you have oily/combination skin.

The last 2 items I want to talk about are fashion items. During winter I love wearing heeled ankle boots, I feel they really transform your outfit with that ‘effortless beauty’ look. These ones in particular are from  but all heeled ankle boots really are my true love. Cannot get enough. Finally, I’ve proper rambled in this post so well done if you’ve made it this far! My scarf. I own a few scarves but this one is the massive blanket type ones which are my absolute favourite, they just keep you so so so warm. It’s like walking around in your duvet- who couldn’t love that. This one is from Accessorize, its a green and black check pattern, quite simple but means it works with more outfits. I’ve just found myself not being able to leave the house without it- definitely essential this time of year! (Apologies that the picture is terrible, its so dark in my room)

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