Let’s talk about Turtles!

Bit more of a factual, conservation post for you today as I think it's a really important subject that I've found certain inspiration for recently. Sea turtles are my favourite animals and always have been. They are such peaceful, gentle and intelligent animals and they need saving so they can save our oceans. There are… Continue reading Let’s talk about Turtles!


C L E A R your mind: How To Destress

Super quick post for you today, I was at the beach today and it was so relaxing so I got thinking about the best ways to destress so I've put together my top tips of what I think really helps when you're stressed. 1) RE-EVALUATE: With me, I always just like to think about the… Continue reading C L E A R your mind: How To Destress


My packing extras: make the most of your trip!

I have always loved the idea of travelling to new places even from when I was really little, as soon as I was old enough to head off into the world I did! My first major trip without my folks being my month away interailing when I was 18. Since then I've done a few… Continue reading My packing extras: make the most of your trip!


My time in the Caribbean : Montserrat

Wow it feels so weird to be writing a blogpost again, I've had a pretty intense year since I last blogged so I needed to take a break from it and spend time with the people that are closest to me, but I'm so happy to be back and with so much more to share!… Continue reading My time in the Caribbean : Montserrat