Meet my new dog!


This is such a crazy story! Here’s a little background to why this is such an unforeseen story. I have loved dogs…not even loved…been obsessed with dogs since I can remember! I always, always wanted one growing up and would consistently ask for every birthday and every Xmas (also on the list was high heels-always wanting to be older and cooler). But never got one, because mainly my Mum is not a fan of animals at all. She’s not scared of them per say but definitely tries to avoid them. So having one in the house was never an option. I finally came to terms with it when I was maybe 17, and decided I would just get my own dog when I had moved out and got my own place. So I was mentally prepared to be without a cute little pup for however many years I lived at my family home.

If you’ve read either of my recent travel posts (more coming soon…) you’ll know I’ve been in the Caribbean since the start of August. 2 months doing conservation work on Montserrat and 2 months travelling. When I was on the conservation project, the guys on the site introduced me to all of their friends they had off site. One example is our friend Charley. She runs a dive centre on the island (if you’re a keen diver and want to travel: Click the link!) and is a active conservationist, always planning beach/reef cleans, trying to inspire locals on the island to save the coral reefs and her main objective is to be as waste-free as possible. I really admire her, she is such a hard worker. On top of running her own business all on her own, she has 4 dogs, a horse and a goat to look after. I know! All of which had been abandoned on the island.

I first met Charley on my first Saturday in Montserrat as she was hosting a karaoke party and invited us all round to…well sing if you can call it that. But to be honest most of us tried our hardest to avoid it. At this time she had just obtained her newest addition to her 4 puppy pack- Pea. Pea was only about 4 months old at this point, so still pretty small and very excitable. I immediately loved her, she was so energetic and playful, just so cute! So anyway, time passed and suddenly we are nearly at the end off our 2 months working in Montserrat, all ready to explore the Caribbean, this is when Charley had decided that 4 dogs (on top of everything else) was wayyyy to much to handle so she was looking for a new home for sweet little Pea. I didn’t even think twice about asking my family, as I just knew what the answer was going to be.

Lets jump forward about 3 weeks (beginning of October), I slyly dropped Charley’s dilemma into conversation with my family back home, and they were totally up for adopting Pea!!! I couldn’t believe my luck!! I’ve managed to help a friend out as she was struggling so much in finding a home suitable for this pretty pup AND I get my own little doggo! I’m so so excited to get training her and have her as my own! I’m thinking about blogging the ‘Pup updates’, I’m imagining some funny stories will come out of me trying to keep her under control!

My little Pea pod

I am now in my last week off being in the Caribbean, it has been the most incredible trip and I’ve learnt so much, and now on top of that I have my very own Caribbean pooch to come home with me and remind me of it.

I know this has been a bit of a long winded explanation, but it’s just one of those things that I never thought would happen. And I’m so happy! I’m flying home from the Caribbean with a puppy- magical!

If you are ever in my situation: here are my main tips for transporting an animal (there is soooooooo much paperwork!!)

  • Do your research! There is so much you need to know and so many different variables depending on place, transport, type of animal.
  • Get ahead of the game! I started to get stuff ready over 2 months before I leave to go home and I’m on my last week now and I’m still getting stuff organised.
  • Be honest and take your time! Don’t try and hide anything under the rug, there could be massive charges when you reach the other side. I knew people that did the same thing I’m doing but missed out a bit of a particular form and it cost them £700.

Thanks for reading x

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