Pamper Evening Routine with New Products – First Impressions + Review

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A pamper night is always something I try to do when I can, a little TLC always makes me feel better, more confident and happy. But squeezing them into our busy lives can be so so difficult. Recently I decided to set a side a few hours of my evening to try out some new facemasks, skin products, bath & shower products, and just relaxxxxx. I’m going to share with you guys what I do for a relaxing pamper night in and the products I’m using this time round.


Run a bath

First job is to get the bath going. A bath for me is relaxing, some nice peaceful time to your self, where you can choose to do whatever you want. In my bath I started with a little bit of just ordinary bubble bath to get it started then I added a bath bomb from Lush that I had left over from xmas. Quite a sweet scent, but not too overpowering. It made the bath and bright pink colour, which I don’t really mind and no glitter or anything like that. Bath bombs are one of those things for me that I never get round to buying, they are lovely as a gift from someone but I am never fussed about buying them on my own accord. So having one is quite a treat actually and I really enjoyed this one.


Light candles

Candles are an essential for being able to relax! At the moment I’m burning a Nicky Clarke candle, again, I got this as a gift. It is such a nice scent and so powerful but I love that in a candle. For me most of the time I buy a candle it claims to have an amazing full scent but it never gives off anything. But this one is fab, fills the whole room almost instantly of a sweet orangey, cotton smell.

Listen to something

I enjoy listening to podcasts in the bath. I’ve just started a new series called ‘They walk among us’. It’s a British real life crime podcast which I know doesn’t seem like the most settling of categories for some people, but I find it really interesting and completely takes my focus away, so I can properly zone out and listen. I’m really enjoying it. I’ve only listened to a few episodes but they are all pretty gripping, I just know I’ll end up binge listening at some point. If you like crime/murderer/serial killer/ type podcasts you should check it out!

While in the bath I decided to use one of my recent birch box gifts, Rituals harmonising and foaming shower gel smells amazing so I couldn’t wait to try. When I first tried using it, I don’t know if mine is a little broken, but I found it so hard to squeeze out and when I did it, it kind of went everywhere. That bummed me out a bit but nevertheless I kept an open mind, albeit not for long. As soon as I started rubbing it between my hands I couldn’t help but feel such an alikeness to shaving foam…like identical textures. Not sure how I feel about that in all honesty. It didn’t feel right. Still smells great but the consistency was a massive no-no for me.


After my bath, once I feel full relaxed, all nice and warm and ready to get out, one of the first things I do is MOISTURIZE. Having a bath dehydrates my skin a lot as I like my baths quite hot, so as soon as I get out I like to get some moisturizer on. At the moment I’m using the Victoria Secret Ultra Moisturizing Body and Hand Cream in Aqua Kiss. I’ve had this in my draw for a while but have always just used it for my hands. I thought it was quite perfumed for my body but I wanted to give it a go anyhow. I was pleasantly surprised, it absorbed really nicely into my skin, and left it feeling smooth, soft and firm. I’d love to know if they have more scents of this, as I love the Victoria Secret Body Mist in Pure Seduction if they had that in a lotion I would be all over it!


Wash face and do a face mask

Next, what I like to do is give my face a quick wash, as normally I’m a little sweaty from the bath, and it is just nice to freshen up. I wanted to try out the Simple Water Boost Micellar Facial Gel Wash. I have combination skin, but recently it’s been a tad on the dry side as the weather has been so so cold and frosty that it has completely dried my skin. So I thought what a perfect opportunity to try out this face wash that claims to be for dehydrated dry skin. It didn’t have a scent (which none of Simple’s stuff does) which I’ve always loved, I’m not a fan of very perfumed products on my face. It did make my face feel very fresh and moisturized just next time I use it, I think I will use some sort of exfoliater with it, just to get rid of any dry skin I did have. For me, I like using a smooth face wash with some sort of face brush.


After my face is lovely and clean, I will apply a facemask. Sticking with the moisture theme, I opted for the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. I’ve heard so many people talk about these so my expectations were high. Getting it out of the packaging was a little messy (although I am pretty messy at anything I do), but that didn’t bother me, I quickly tried to assemble it onto my face, covering as much of the skin as I could with the highly saturated wet tissue mask. It felt sooooo  nice and cooling, which I loved. I could’ve left it on for a lot longer than the recommended time, it was that relaxing. When I removed it I rubbed the left over oils into my skin, leaving it lovely and soft. So even though the first stage was a little messy and slippery, I would say it’s worth it. Also just a side note, they are perfect for travelling!



Comfy clothes

After 15 mins when the facemask had finished doing its work, I will find the comfiest clothes I own, this includes a pair of Primark lounge pants, they are so so soft, I bought them after I heard BusyBeeCarys talk about them on her Youtube channel on one of her Primark hauls I think. I’m so glad I got them. Followed by a slouchy t-shirt, dressing gown and slippers (very old lady like I know).

Make a hot cosy drink

Make a lovely hot drink to have in bed, I would usually opt for tea but at the moment I’ve been loving hot lemon, so refreshing and gets rid of bloating.

Watch your favourite guilty pleasure tv show

Put on one of your favourite shows that you known you shouldn’t love…but do! I always find that is so much more chill, as you can just zone out and not have to concentrate very hard.


If you like to be OCD organised like me, then I find it relaxing to write a list of everything I’m going to do the next day in my diary, so when I get up I know just to get on with my day and not waste any time.

Relax- This is obviously the most important step, kick back, relax and don’t worry!

Thanks for reading, I hope to found this helpful in one way or another. Please give it a like or comment below!


The Versatile Blogger Award



Right, I’m so happy to be finally doing one of these, I have been nominated before but haven’t understood/have time to do it!! Now I’m making the time!! So here we go, please call me out if I get it wrong, don’t want to look silly. I was nominated for this buy the lovely … It makes me so happy and more confident blogging to be nominated for this blogger award. I never thought my little blog would ever get any views or anything, so to watch it grow and make so many blogger friends, is way more than I expected and I love it! Blogger awards seem to be a great way to show other bloggers than you love their work- welcome to my first one!!

Thank you so very much to Megan from OhboyitsMegan for the nomination, she has a great blog so go and check it out!!

The Rules:

  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 amazing bloggers for the award

7 Interesting Facts about Me

  1. I have a massive phobia of lifts. Ever since I wandered into one as a 3 year old and rode up and down it for like an hour on my own, I have this huge fear of them. The lift got stuck or stopped I just remember being stood in their with all these strangers. And of course my parents were worrying and trying to find me, it wasn’t like they just lost me, I literally wandered off. I remember waving ‘bye bye’ to them when the lift door closed! But now I can’t really go in them. Weird.
  2. I’ve recently become a dog owner, by some what unconventional way you might say. I imported my dog from the Caribbean when I came home from a trip. She is called Pea, short for Sweet Pea (she had that name when I met her and it just seemed to stick, plus she does have a bit of a pea head so seems to fit). She is an island mix, but we guess she is collie/terrier and maybe dalmatian. She was malnourished as a pup, as she was abandoned on the island so had to fight to eat and survive, so we think she should’ve have been a lot bigger, but not having much food as stunted her growth. She is the most friendly attention seeking dog ever and I love her!
  3. I did judo for 5 years. I started when I was 8 and then quit when I was 13 as I hadn’t progressed very far through the belts due to my teacher, so as a sassy teenager I gave it up. Looking back though I really wish I had kept going. I was actually in class with someone then that is now in my closest friendship group- just a coincidence!
  4. I had open heart surgery when I was 7 as I had multiple issues going on down there. I don’t know the medical terms for the things that were wrong and I can barely remember the common names for them, mainly because it freaks me out thinking about it. But basically if I hadn’t had had that surgery when I was 7, my lifespan would have been cut in 3. I basically would have been starting to get really by my late 20’s and not survived past 30 probably. (on a happier note….)
  5. I spent 6 months on Vancouver Island in 2015 being a nanny, it was one of the best things I’ve done to date, it got me out of my home town, I learnt so many new skills, met so many amazing people and saw my favourite place in the entire world- Canada.
  6. I worked in a fine dining restaurant for 5 years from the age of 14 doing the desserts. I got the job after I finished work experience in Year 10, and basically did it every weekend for 5 years. I became well known for the soufflé on the menu,as I had a knack for making them the tallest (not sure I could remember how now).
  7. I have a weird obsession with phone cases. At some point I owned over 20 for sure. Not sure why, I just like to change it up!!

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Please tag me in your responses guys, I’d love to see your responses! x

NEW January Birchbox – First Impressions


Hellooo! I’m so excited about this (I always start my posts saying I’m excited…I do spend most of my time being excited by the little things). I have wanted to subscribe to a beauty box for so so long but it was never the right time, I was always saving for something or I couldn’t find one that suited me. But I’ve known about Birchbox for ages but never did it, so in bed the other day I decided to sign up. It was super easy and quick so I was already impressed. I downloaded the app and logged in to sort my profile. I went through the steps personalising my account of likes/dislikes, beauty preferences, skin, hair…Such a neat idea so they can mould your box to you!

When my Birchbox arrived, I was actually surprised by the size, it was bigger than I expected, I don’t know if that’s because I’d seen a few comments saying people were disappointed by the size or what, but nevertheless I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. First of all the box was sooooooo cute, such sweet colours an covered in flamingos. I’m definitely going to be using it for a storage box, it’s too nice too chuck away. The first thing I saw in the box was Rituals harmonising foaming shower gel in indian rose and sweet almond oil scent. I thought it was a hard product when I first saw the aerosol style bottle, so I was pleasently suprised too find it was a shower product. The smell is truly delicious and I can’t wait to use it. Perfect little travel size. Rituals has been one of those brands for me that I’ve always wanted to try, so for it too be in my first birch box- I am chuffed.

Rituals: The Ritual of Ayurveda Foaming Shower Gel                                                                      Sample size (50ml): £4.50


The next thing I picked up was Parlour Moisturising and Repairing Shampoo. I’ve never heard of this brand but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I’m always willing to try new brands. Again this was a sample size, so perfect for a little travel wash bag. I have really dry hair at the moment so looking forward to using it! It has a very subtle scent, described as ripe peach, fresh cut grass and white woods. I was so fascinated to read on the back that it is sulfate free, paraben free, gluten free, safe for coloured hair and most importantly cruelty free! As someone that has recently been thinking about going cruelty free – this was a big tick in my book. Might have discovered my new shampoo!

Parlour Moistursing and Repairing Shampoo                                                                                 Full size: £16

(Now on offer at 50%!)

Next I gravitated towards a makeup product that I knew would be in the box- as I got to pick the colour. This is the Lord & Berry Crayon Blush in Camelia. This one is a full sized product which I think is great, I love the colour, and when I swatched it on the back off my hand, I barely had to apply any pressure to get a great colour payoff. I would say maybe be careful when applying it to your face, use a very light hand if you don’t wanna have right clown like cheeks! Lord & Berry is another brand I’ve looked at before but never bought anything (every brand in this box I haven’t tried before haha) I’ve heard good things so excited to try something new with the way I do blush.

Lord & Berry Crayon Blush                                                                                                                   Full size: £16


With only 2 things left in the box now I grabbed the last thing I would categorise as a makeup product. This is the Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Charcoal. Cute little sample size of this, but too be honest I’ve never finished a pencil eye liner in my life so this size should be perfect. The fact it says it’s waterproof is a win win for me (if it’s true…) as I always find eyeliner slides on my and goes very smudgy very quickly.  It looks like a really soft eyeliner, which is so much nicer as you apply it to such a delicate area of your eye. When I swatched it on the back on my hand it was super creamy. The colour was a little lighter than expected with a bit of glitter running through it. So pretty, it would look so nice with a dark cool toned smokey eye.

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner                                                                                                                  Full size: £10.99

The last thing in the box is a beauty tool! Which in a way, I think might start to be my favourite kind of things to get in the box, as it’s completely reusable. This one is the Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover. It say’s to put it in the washing machine before your first use, then simple get the ultra soft cloth wet and wipe your makeup away with water alone!! That sounds to good to be true to me, but WE WILL SEE. It is reusable for up to 1000 washes which is fabulous. The real test will be how well it removes waterproof mascara- that stuff can be such a bugger with regular makeup remover let alone just water.

Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover                                                                                                 Full size: £5.50


The total price of this box with full size items (albeit most are decent sample size) is £51.99. That is such a bargain giving you pay £12.95 for the monthly subscription. Overall  I am pretty happy with what I received in my first box, a little mix of everything really and I can’t wait to start trying and discovering new products. In the bottom off the box there was a card explaining the contents of the box and that this month they have partnered up with ‘ohh deer’ a quirky British stationary brand. Also a few extra cards with discount codes and other birch box info. Also some super cute stickers, sticking with the theme of the box being part of the collaboration.

Thank you for reading. Sorry if I waffled a bit, as if you’re subscribed you’ll know what’s in their, but I’m just so excited about it.

Let me know what you got in your box and your thoughts!

Where I live : BEST BARS


Hello! I really want to start doing posts about where I live, with the best hotspots for drinks, restaurants, hidden gems and whether the tourist attractions are worth it. I live in York, a major tourist destination in the North, so I thought it would be interesting to share what I think as I’ve lived here my whole life – basically is it all it seems. My first segment of this I’m going to stick it what I know – Best Bars/Pubs. I’ve worked in pubs since I turned 18, so it’s always been an interest of mine trying to find the best bars/pubs in my area. York has well over 200 pubs alone so I’ve never been without choice. I’m going to share with you guys my favourite bars in York and why I love them.


I’ll start with one of my all time favourites, it is quiet a hidden gem in my eyes. It’s pretty tucked away and I had walked past it many many times before I even knew it was there. It is advertised as a charcuterie and bar. I’ve never had food there in actual fact but it still wins my top spot on my list for the gin selection, atmosphere, events and decor alone. They serve over 27 gins and 60 different beers.  It has such a lively yet laid back atmosphere, situated in a basement style cellar, with pine wood walls and low ceilings- it’s just a really nice place to relax. If you love gin you have to try this place, not only is their selection top notch, the gin menu is so informative and helpful in advising you, you just know you’ll get a drink you love. The food is Spanish based with a Northern twist. It is the perfect place for a first date (aka where I had mine with my boyfriend), it’s so cosy and comfortable and on Tuesday’s they have Live Music which is always fantastic.


Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

Price Point – ££-£££                                                                                                                                Address – 1 Little Stonegate, York, YO1 8AX                                                                                Contact- 01904 620230

Evil Eye Lounge

This place is definitely more of a cocktail bar with an edgy vibe. I first discovered this place on one of my first night outs in York (of when I was of legal age of course) and it immediately became a favourite. It is such a different place, with a funky colourful interior, beds upstairs to lounge on and a graffiti style inspired beer garden. A huge selection of cocktails with a wall of spirits behind the bar, you know you can find something different and creative (and sometimes lethal). With drinks prices ranging from your standard £3 for a beer, up to £8 for a fancy cocktail it’s easy to find something in your price range. For me this is the kind of place you start on a night- have a few nice drinks before moving on to somewhere maybe a little cheaper. If you are ever in York visiting, even just for the day, I would highly recommend popping in. They also do lovely coffees and awesome food- win win!


Photo Credit:


Photo Credit:bestofengland

Price Point- £££                                                                                                                                      Address- 42 Stonegate, York, YO1 8AS                                                                                            Contact- 01904 640002

House of Trembling Madness

This place has more of a historic feel behind it, very medieval and rustic looking. On the ground floor, it has an alcohol tuck shop if you would, a huge choice of bottled beers from all over and the branded glasses to accommodate for sale. Along with all over types of bits and bobs for your drinking needs. When you venture downstairs there is a wall of spirits for purchase, a massive range of all types of liquor, it is such a collection, I always find it so interesting just to have a browse and discover new gins. After that, on the top floor is where you find the ‘Medieval drinking hall’. High ceilings with huge wooden beams, with a wall covered with animal taxidermy heads. It has a history dating back to 1180ad. It’s a very unique place and if you like history-this is your place. A must see.

house of trembling madness 1

Photo Credit:

trembling-madness-bottles 2

Photo Credit:

Price Point- ££-£££                                                                                                                                Address- 48 Stonegate, York, YO1 8AS                                                                                            Contact- 01904 640009

(As you’ve probably realised all of these places are very close together, basically on the same street, it is just a coincidence. But it is one of the best streets to see so many interesting different places all in one go, but nevertheless for variety here are some on the other side of town. Still great places but if quirky isn’t you’re thing then these might appeal to you a little more).

The Habit

This place has the best rooftop bar, if you are ever in York on a sunny day (good luck with that), this place is perfect, wall-to-wall sunshine with amazing views of York Minister. It’s worth a visit for that alone to be honest. Plenty of choice in terms of drinks, food and entertainment with live music being performed regular. It’s the perfect cosy cafe bar, it’s quite tucked away and wouldn’t maybe think from the outside it would be so welcoming inside but I find myself repeatedly going back- it really has become a ‘habit’ (I’m sorry that was bad), it actual fact the word ‘habit’ in this sense means the name of the building outlining the Minister that used to put up travelling monks. There is plenty of personality with the graffiti wall upstairs. Basically anything from breakfast in the morning, to a historic structure to live music in the evening…what’s not to like?

habit rooftop

Photo Credit: thedailytouch

Price Point- £-££                                                                                                                                    Address- 40 Goodramgate, York, YO1 7LF                                                                                    Contact- 01904 611072

The Attic Gallery Coffee Bar

I discovered this place after a recommendation from my cousin, she told me ‘we had to try it, it is the cutest!’. We decided to go on a date night as we always end up going to the same places so we wanted to try something new. It’s located at the top of a 3 story building, above their joining coffee shop called ‘Harlequin’. I’m so glad she told us about it, for one it would be impossible to find, so tucked away. And 2, it was so up our street, a lovely cosy, arty bar. The people there are so lovely and welcoming and have a real passion for artisan gin, so discovering a delicious concoction is easy. If you are more of a coffee person, they also have the finest coffee! A real hidden gem. A must see quick venue supporting local artists.

the attic 1

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Price Point- ££-£££                                                                                                                                 Address- 2 Kings Square, York, YO1 8BH                                                                                           Contact- 01904 630631

I hope you enjoyed this more informative style post guys about where I live. I’d love to know if you wanted to see similar posts like ‘Best Eats’ ‘Best Bits’ and stuff like that. I really like doing posts like, it makes me realise how lucky I am to live where I do.

Please give it a like or a comment – share the love!

Thanks for reading x





I was sooooo excited when I went into Superdrug the other day to find out they had completely redone all of the makeup stands, shiny and brand new with additional brands too! I really had to contain myself. So inevitably I picked up a few bits (I thought only a few bits was quite good) so I’m going to share those with you along with a first impressions. Enjoy!


The first makeup stand I came across was Barry M. Barry M (shop Barry M here!) has been one of my all time favourites for so long, it was the first brand I ever bought when I started to get into makeup and even way way before that, their nail polishes were my jam!! (Still are!) so when I saw they had bought out loads of new stuff (new for me anyway) I had to try some stuff. I was first attracted to their new liquid highlights. The Liquid Chrome Highlighting drops collection is so beautiful. As soon as I swatched them on my hand I was blown away. It immediately reminded me off the Nars liquid illuminator in ‘Copacabana’ but for 1/5 of the price…it was a good start. All of the colours were so nice, and plenty for every skin tone. For me, I got ‘Beam Me Up’ a very light gold glow is perfect for my skin tone. I would say just slightly darker than The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer. 26692959_10212299337741852_1874708796_oWhen I first applied it to my face I was albeit a bit worried, I never really use liquid highlight. 1) because I always forget to put it on before I powder 2) I never know how to apply it to get the best natural look! So I went in with a bit on the back of my hand and I used me fingers to gently tap it onto the top of my cheekbones. The look it gave was amazing, it made my cheeks look wet, so so glowly!! I’m looking forward to using it different ways and it’s such a versatile product.

The next thing that caught my eye was the lip kits. Now…everyone is doing lip kits, like everyone right? Walking in Kylie Jenner’s steps and pairing together a lip liner and a liquid lipstick in a little kit. I haven’t tried the Kylie ones, but I have found so many good ones on the high street, that I don’t think I’ll get round to getting them anytime soon. So, already with a few good ones in my mind, I didn’t think Barry M would stand a chance. How wrong I was. I purchased 3 different shades of the ‘Matte me up Lip Kits’. 26696001_10212299337941857_2083210570_oI wanted to use ‘Runaway berry’ first as the colour just completely had my heart- my perfect dark pink. I started with liner and applied it all over my lips. I’m not usually the biggest fan of pencil liners, but this one was so creamy and soft that it didn’t dry out my lips at all. The colour was a bit lighter than I expected but that was no bigger. I then went in with the liquid lipstick. First impression it applied like a mousse lip product but the colour payoff and how matte it was, was 100% like a liquid lipstick. It’s the perfect combo. Less drying out, cracking, thick formula. Just a nice light application with great, opaque colour. Throughout the day it faded a little around the inside of my lips but that’s nothing a little reapplication wouldn’t fix.

I also picked up colours ‘Crush’ (I couldn’t find a link for ‘Crush anywhere!!) and one of the metallic ones ‘Prestige’. 26692178_10212299338181863_521277995_o‘Crush’ is a vampy muted purple. It reminds me of Kat Von D ‘Lolita but with more purple. The liner matched the liquid lipstick perfectly. The one I was most excited for was ‘prestige’ as it was one of the metallic ones in the range. The colour is a metallic dark red. So beautiful for winter and christmas time. 26655574_10212299337861855_121513807_oI found the formulas for all 3 shades incredibly similar. It definitely doesn’t dry the lips out, the colour is very opaque. It might fade a little the longer you wear it but nothing that noticeable. I will for sure be buying some more shades in the range. On that note- all the shades in the range are so nice! There isn’t one that I wouldn’t want to wear.

I next stand I came across was a new brand to me. It was called ‘Bleach London’. Their main sector is hair dyers mainly so I was surprised to see they have branched out to makeup. The first thing that caught my eye was the single pan eyeshadow line- ‘Bleach London Louder Powder’ (love the name). I was soon excited! Finally you can buy single eyeshadows in order to create your own palette, without paying £15 each one! These from Bleach were only £3 each. And to be honest when I used them they felt like luxury, buttery soft powder with lots of pigment. They blended so nicely, so even though some of the colours in the range were very bright and loud, you could easily apply them gently, blend them out just to get a nice soft colour. I got 3 different colours but I will definitely be going back to get more, I just knew I didn’t have a lot of space left in my existing palette. One slight annoyance to me was the colours didn’t have names on them, maybe I just couldn’t find them but I’ve thrown the packaging now so I can’t even check, please let me know if you’ve bought any and found names! Anyway, I’ll do my best at describing the colours to you guys. (I have discovered when finding the links for you guys that the colours have a little code on them to identify them, I had no idea sorry!).26735293_10212299338381868_310321421_o

The first one I got was a bright dark ‘orange’ orange. I love really warm colours as I think they are the most flattering on my eyes, but even this one was bit different for me. But I just loved the colour and thought it would work really nice as a transition shade. The second one was a slightly muted hot pink with  some darker berry tones. This is the kind of colour that would be my perfect lipstick, so I thought I would give it a go on the eyes, I think it could look really cool. And the last one I picked up but was lighter version of the first shade, a softer light orange. I already had a shade similar to this in my collection and I knew I loved it so I wanted to buy a new one as my old one was a super old kiko one. I’m very impressed with the quality of these shadows, all the shades I got were matte so I would be interested to try out their shimmer/glitter shades to see if they stand up to these excellent matte ones. Such a bargain for the price point and the quality. I will 100% be buying so so so many more.

That is everything that I got on my little min haul, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you guys like these kind of blogs, I love writing them! Or another type of haul….skincare, clothes..? Let’s talk about it!

Let me know if you’ve tried anything new recently.

Thanks for reading x