I was sooooo excited when I went into Superdrug the other day to find out they had completely redone all of the makeup stands, shiny and brand new with additional brands too! I really had to contain myself. So inevitably I picked up a few bits (I thought only a few bits was quite good) so I’m going to share those with you along with a first impressions. Enjoy!


The first makeup stand I came across was Barry M. Barry M (shop Barry M here!) has been one of my all time favourites for so long, it was the first brand I ever bought when I started to get into makeup and even way way before that, their nail polishes were my jam!! (Still are!) so when I saw they had bought out loads of new stuff (new for me anyway) I had to try some stuff. I was first attracted to their new liquid highlights. The Liquid Chrome Highlighting drops collection is so beautiful. As soon as I swatched them on my hand I was blown away. It immediately reminded me off the Nars liquid illuminator in ‘Copacabana’ but for 1/5 of the price…it was a good start. All of the colours were so nice, and plenty for every skin tone. For me, I got ‘Beam Me Up’ a very light gold glow is perfect for my skin tone. I would say just slightly darker than The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer. 26692959_10212299337741852_1874708796_oWhen I first applied it to my face I was albeit a bit worried, I never really use liquid highlight. 1) because I always forget to put it on before I powder 2) I never know how to apply it to get the best natural look! So I went in with a bit on the back of my hand and I used me fingers to gently tap it onto the top of my cheekbones. The look it gave was amazing, it made my cheeks look wet, so so glowly!! I’m looking forward to using it different ways and it’s such a versatile product.

The next thing that caught my eye was the lip kits. Now…everyone is doing lip kits, like everyone right? Walking in Kylie Jenner’s steps and pairing together a lip liner and a liquid lipstick in a little kit. I haven’t tried the Kylie ones, but I have found so many good ones on the high street, that I don’t think I’ll get round to getting them anytime soon. So, already with a few good ones in my mind, I didn’t think Barry M would stand a chance. How wrong I was. I purchased 3 different shades of the ‘Matte me up Lip Kits’. 26696001_10212299337941857_2083210570_oI wanted to use ‘Runaway berry’ first as the colour just completely had my heart- my perfect dark pink. I started with liner and applied it all over my lips. I’m not usually the biggest fan of pencil liners, but this one was so creamy and soft that it didn’t dry out my lips at all. The colour was a bit lighter than I expected but that was no bigger. I then went in with the liquid lipstick. First impression it applied like a mousse lip product but the colour payoff and how matte it was, was 100% like a liquid lipstick. It’s the perfect combo. Less drying out, cracking, thick formula. Just a nice light application with great, opaque colour. Throughout the day it faded a little around the inside of my lips but that’s nothing a little reapplication wouldn’t fix.

I also picked up colours ‘Crush’ (I couldn’t find a link for ‘Crush anywhere!!) and one of the metallic ones ‘Prestige’. 26692178_10212299338181863_521277995_o‘Crush’ is a vampy muted purple. It reminds me of Kat Von D ‘Lolita but with more purple. The liner matched the liquid lipstick perfectly. The one I was most excited for was ‘prestige’ as it was one of the metallic ones in the range. The colour is a metallic dark red. So beautiful for winter and christmas time. 26655574_10212299337861855_121513807_oI found the formulas for all 3 shades incredibly similar. It definitely doesn’t dry the lips out, the colour is very opaque. It might fade a little the longer you wear it but nothing that noticeable. I will for sure be buying some more shades in the range. On that note- all the shades in the range are so nice! There isn’t one that I wouldn’t want to wear.

I next stand I came across was a new brand to me. It was called ‘Bleach London’. Their main sector is hair dyers mainly so I was surprised to see they have branched out to makeup. The first thing that caught my eye was the single pan eyeshadow line- ‘Bleach London Louder Powder’ (love the name). I was soon excited! Finally you can buy single eyeshadows in order to create your own palette, without paying £15 each one! These from Bleach were only £3 each. And to be honest when I used them they felt like luxury, buttery soft powder with lots of pigment. They blended so nicely, so even though some of the colours in the range were very bright and loud, you could easily apply them gently, blend them out just to get a nice soft colour. I got 3 different colours but I will definitely be going back to get more, I just knew I didn’t have a lot of space left in my existing palette. One slight annoyance to me was the colours didn’t have names on them, maybe I just couldn’t find them but I’ve thrown the packaging now so I can’t even check, please let me know if you’ve bought any and found names! Anyway, I’ll do my best at describing the colours to you guys. (I have discovered when finding the links for you guys that the colours have a little code on them to identify them, I had no idea sorry!).26735293_10212299338381868_310321421_o

The first one I got was a bright dark ‘orange’ orange. I love really warm colours as I think they are the most flattering on my eyes, but even this one was bit different for me. But I just loved the colour and thought it would work really nice as a transition shade. The second one was a slightly muted hot pink with  some darker berry tones. This is the kind of colour that would be my perfect lipstick, so I thought I would give it a go on the eyes, I think it could look really cool. And the last one I picked up but was lighter version of the first shade, a softer light orange. I already had a shade similar to this in my collection and I knew I loved it so I wanted to buy a new one as my old one was a super old kiko one. I’m very impressed with the quality of these shadows, all the shades I got were matte so I would be interested to try out their shimmer/glitter shades to see if they stand up to these excellent matte ones. Such a bargain for the price point and the quality. I will 100% be buying so so so many more.

That is everything that I got on my little min haul, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you guys like these kind of blogs, I love writing them! Or another type of haul….skincare, clothes..? Let’s talk about it!

Let me know if you’ve tried anything new recently.

Thanks for reading x

My Go To Makeup After 4 months of a Bare Face!

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Helloooo makeup lovers, it feels so good to be doing a beauty post, I’ve not being trying anything new or even wearing makeup as I’ve been away, so it’s very nice to start doing it again. I thought it would be really interesting to talk about what I put on my face the first time I put makeup back on after having a completely bare face for 4 months! See what I still love, what’s changed and get the creative makeup juices flowing again!

I’m going to start with eyebrows, I always do my eyebrows first as I’m pretty messy so I like to get them out the way then I can tidy them up with concealer when I get to that step (I also think it’s the most boring BUT most important step). I used the NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade in brunette … now it was a little dried up which is understandable as it’s been untouched for so long but even considering that, it did a pretty good job. It is my perfect brow colour and I really like the finish once you’ve brushed it out. This pomade was the first pomade I’d ever tried, and I was a bit scared when I first started using it as it can be so easy to over do it. But once I’d got used to it, I just love the finished look. Very clean. And when it comes to eyebrows, I like them pretty well groomed.


Next, I went in my primer, it was a super cheapy one, the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer I first picked this up on a an offer they had on Rimmel like 3 years ago, 2 for £10 or something, anyway I loved it and have been repeat buying since! It really filled in my pores and despite it being a bright white when you apply it to your face, it doesn’t give you a white cast or show under your foundation. Plus even though I can have oily skin, it was really nice and moisturising and didn’t add to any of my oiliness.

Carrying on with face products, I then went in with foundation. Now, I had to go and purchase a darker foundation as I had caught a cheeky tan on my trip. I purchased the Elf Flawless Finish Foundation in almond … I have wanted to try Elf products forever, and when I came home and walked into my Superdrug, allllllll the makeup stands had been redone with a few added extra brands thrown in there- it was so exciting! I managed to only pick up 2 things, the foundation and the Elf Highlighter in Blush Gems. I had heard Kathleen Lights talk about these Elf products and I really value her opinion so I thought may as well give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised (just because Kathleen as dry skin and I have oily) the foundation still worked an absolute treat. Blended really nicely, left a natural finish and only being £7.50 can’t go wrong really!

Next, I grabbed my concealer to go under my eyes and to highlight the centre of my face. I used Bourjois Radience Reveal Concealer in beige. This concealer truly does what it says, it illuminates, corrects and adds hydration. Even though I have oily skin, under my eyes can get quite dry during the winter, so this bit of added moisture is really nice. The colour was spot on and blended really nicely. I always use a damp Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge when blending out both foundation and concealer just to get the most natural look. Be careful with this concealer though as I have found it can oxidise quite badly, it only worked for me when I got back as my skin tone had changed. It was wayyyy to dark for me when I’m at my palest! I then set my whole face down with … This powder is such an old school classic, an oldie but a goodie! For me, it does the job, doesn’t crease and keeps me pretty matte but not flat matte Rimmel Stay Matte Powder if you get me? However I hate the packaging!! Every single one I’ve ever owned has cracked and broken within a week, so annoying. But it won’t stop me using it.

Moving onto contour and highlight, yet again I’m using an oldie but a goodie for contour. The Benefit Hoola Bronzer is still one of my favourites for bronzing and giving that slight shadow for a nice subtle day time contour. Mine is getting so old now so definitely going to repurchase however I would love to try something different so let me know if you have any bronzer suggestions!! Yet again, I’m not a fan off the packaging, I like really sleek slim packaging, and this little box it comes in does just drive me a bit mad. For highlight, as I’ve already mentioned, I used the Elf Highlighter in Blush Gems as it was a new purchase of mine. Katheleen Lights (Check out her channel!) said when she first used it, she was really disappointed as it didn’t give off a good glow, but when she scarped the top layer of, it was much easier to work with and now gives an amazing subtle glow! I followed for instructions and she was so right, just the perfect amount of glow. However, I feel the colour I got was a little to pink for me, going to go back and buy one with more gold/pearl tones. They are super cheap so might even buy one of each colour. Thanks Kathleen!

Onto the eyes, I had already primed my eyelids with the concealer I applied so didn’t see it necessary to add a primer on top as I was only going to put a bit of shadow on. I used my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and basically just repeatedly blended colours ‘Milk Chocolate’ and ‘Semi-Sweet’ into my crease, with a bit of ‘Salted Caramel’ as my transition shade. I have no bad things to say about this palette, it is worth every penny, the colours are incredible, they blend like you’ve sat there for hours doing it when it actual fact you just chucked them on, AND it smells like chocolate…like c’mon. Seriously. Love it. All I did next was whack on some mascara, my favourite is the Maybelline Lash Sensational. I am so bad at trying new mascaras, that when I find one that keeps me lashes curled aswell as sepearated and long it is very very unlikely I’m going to switch to a different one.

Finally, my favourite step, lips! I had gone very natural really so didn’t know if I wanted to keep the subtle look going or add a pop off colour. In the end I decided to keep it subtle  and go with MAC Modesty. This lipstick is such a cute colour, natural and so moisturising (forever trying to keep those chapped winter lips at bay). I love how it’s the kind of colour you can just slap on without a mirror. It doesn’t last the longest as it’s a cremesheen formula but if you’re anything like me, you love applying lipstick so it doesn’t matter to me if I have to reapply!

So guys, (if you’ve made it this far well done) that is what I first put on my face after not having makeup for 4 months! I think it’s quite interesting, it shows you what my real favourite products are as I just gravitated towards them first. It is so nice to be writing about makeup again. I’m hopefully going to be doing a recent skincare routine too at some point.

Let me know what your winter makeup favourites are and what I should try next!

Thanks so much for reading x

Favourite lip products this winter


Hello! I know we are still in the thick of winter but definitely heading in the right direction to spring, so I thought I’d tell you about what I’ve been  loving to wear on my lips this winter! Winter is my favourite time of the year for lip products, full of dark reds and burgundies, that look great on all skin types. You can have a very simple yet sophisticated makeup look by adding a dark lip.img_4486

I’ll start with a classic, now I know this lipstick has been around a long time and definitely could even be called ‘cult classic’ among the beauty bloggers and youtubers, but it doesn’t help to bring it back. Mac ‘Sin’. I  wanted this lipstick for so long but never thought I would get the wear out of it as it’s such a dark colour, but I received it as a christmas present this year, and I love it! The colour is so complementary to my skin tone and indeed even my lip shape, making them look fuller and plump. I would describe the colour as a very dark purple burgundy shade, it’s a very bold colour but everyone has those days where you just need to wear a dark lipstick and get your sass on. Don’t you think? Another reason why I love this lipstick is because it’s matte. img_4492Matte is my favourite finish on lipsticks, for me it’s the most flattering and stylish, especially on dark shades, just makes it look so much sharper. It’s not an everyday colour for me, but perfect for those days you want to be a bit bolder. Definitely one of my favourites this year.

Next, I discovered this lip product on my first ever trip to Sephora, and by heck that was an experience and a half! I was so excited to go to Sephora, living in the UK we don’t have the pleasure of having it so when I was in Canada I couldn’t wait to go. I can’t lie and say I didn’t spend that much there because I definitely did over the time in many trips, but I got this the first time I went, it’s the Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in Lolita.img_4489 I had heard so many  people talking about this so when I saw they had it in stock I couldn’t not get it, you get me?! Had to be done. Being the first liquid lipstick that I owned, I couldn’t wait to try it….it definitely didn’t disappoint. And many, many liquid lipsticks later it is still one of my favourites. Such a beautiful dark mauve purple but with a bit of a cool brown undertone, so so stunning on everyone. Perfect for winter, as in the UK we don’t get the snowiest winters or even the coldest, but it is well renowned for being very very rainy and windy. So liquid lipsticks are perfect, because as soon as they dry they don’t budge. No more hair sticking to your lips or transferring onto your scarf. The easy no mess lip product. Love it.

Now, the excitement towards the next one is about x10 the excitement I had for going to Sephora. It’s another liquid lipstick, and another very good one at that. Colourpop ultra matte lip in ‘Bianca’. I was so incredibly happy when i found out that Colourpop now shipped to the UK, I had wanted to try their products for-ever, so couldn’t resist putting in a huge  order when they started doing international shipping. img_4490This is one of my favourite products that I got, as well as being a great liquid lipstick for an extremely affordable price, their colour selection is amazing. ‘Bianca’ is the perfect mauve nude for me, but the degrees of shades they offer means you can get the perfect nude for you. In my order I also got another ultra matte lip in ‘Times Square’ and one ultra satin lip in ‘Magic Wand’ (plus eyeshadows, highlights and lippie stix….whoops). Such great products for a great price, so happy they are in my collection!

My last product I want to talk about is a different one, compared to the ones I’ve mentioned. It’s a lip gloss from L’oreal in the shade ‘Disco Ball’. Now I’m not the biggest fan off gloss, as I find it majorly awkward,  sticky and to be honest very annoying. I normally can’t manage to have it on my lips for more than 5 minutes without it being on my teeth or in my hair, so for these reasons I tend to avoid it, but when I was browsing the make-upimg_4491 in Tesco (off all places), I saw this gloss and had to have it! I had seen glosses similar but nothing quite as mesmerizing and metallic as this one. I wouldn’t wear it on its own as I feel it needs some kind of nude canvas underneath, but put it on top of a matte pale nude lipstick and you are winning. It was perfect for parties over the festive period and to pair it with a dark brown metallic smokey eye. Being a new blogger I apologise for this terrible swatch on my wrist, as I didn’t take into account watching the dark shades first so left a slight stain underneath, but believe it is beautiful in person!

Thank you so much for reading x

November Favourites


It’s favourites time! Most of these products I have had for a while but have been making more off an appearance this month, so lets get started. The first thing I have loved using this month, is the ‘Naked 2’ palette, now I love this palette all year round it has super pigmentation and a great collection of shadows, but the particular shadow I wanted to include in my favourites is ‘chopper’, this has quickly become one of my favourite shadows…EVER. It is a beautiful metallic copper colour, and I can’t stop using it. Staying on the makeup theme,the next thing I wanted to
include is a couple of lipsticks. The first is the MAC ‘Viva Glam 3’. If there ever was the perfect winter dark lip shade, for me it’s this one. It’s a matte formulation, so it looks extra classy and sleek when applied. The pigmentation and staying power is great (like all MAC lipsticIMG_1635ks to be honest) and it makes it very easy to dress up a simply make up look. The second lipstick I wanted to mention is the Estée Lauder double wear lipstick in ‘Stay Mocha’ I bought this at a discount store, after no research or anything into the product or colour,but I love it. I don’t have any colour like it, it glides onto the lips and stays all day long. The packaging on these is just stunning in my opinion, proper luxerious. Slightly lighter and warmer than the ‘Viva glam 3’ so maybe more off an everyday lipstick for some people.

The next thing is a brush I have been loving. It’s the NYX Pro blending brush (16),I got this as I had points on a loyalty card to spend and I needed a new blending brush, and I was pleasantly surprised. As one off my first NYX products I didn’t know what to expect, I had heard many good things about their lip products but never had a chance to try them out (still need to purchase some!!. This brush is great, blends eyeshadow amazingly, super soft bristles and doesn’t shed!

Moving onto a skincare item, I have been trying to figure out a decent skincare routine that works for me for a while, it’s still a working process but trying to find the right products for your skin is so difficult- it can’t just be me that has this problem?! Anyway, my friend recommended The Body Shop Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil, and I was a bit hesitance at first because I have oily/combination skin anyway so the idea off adding more oil too my face didn’t seem like the best idea, but after talking to the lovely shop assistant in Body Shop she said it could be in fact very beneficial, so I got it and I she couldn’t have been more right. It has reduced the amount of oil produced on my skin and helped clear any blemishes, I would definitely recommend if you have oily/combination skin.

The last 2 items I want to talk about are fashion items. During winter I love wearing heeled ankle boots, I feel they really transform your outfit with that ‘effortless beauty’ look. These ones in particular are from  but all heeled ankle boots really are my true love. Cannot get enough. Finally, I’ve proper rambled in this post so well done if you’ve made it this far! My scarf. I own a few scarves but this one is the massive blanket type ones which are my absolute favourite, they just keep you so so so warm. It’s like walking around in your duvet- who couldn’t love that. This one is from Accessorize, its a green and black check pattern, quite simple but means it works with more outfits. I’ve just found myself not being able to leave the house without it- definitely essential this time of year! (Apologies that the picture is terrible, its so dark in my room)

Thank you for reading! Please like, comment or follow if you enjoyed 🙂 x

Real Techniques review


Now…I am totally late to the party with this post, but better late than never! Real Techniques Bold Metals collection review. I recently bought the holiday collection edition of the bold metals, it included the 103 angled powder brush, 300 tapered blush brush and the 200 oval shadow brush. In my brush collection I also own the Core Collection and the Starter Set. The bristles on the bold metals are so much softer, which totally helps you achieve a better fiIMG_1576nish.

Excuse the slightly dirty brushes but I have been using them everyday as I love them. The 103 brush is perfect for powder and even bronzing the skin, it blends like a dream so its super easy to use if you just wanted a subtle glow without having a sharp contour. On the other hand if you want those Kim Kardashian cheek bones, the 300 brush is tapered to the perfect size for applying a cooler bronzer to your cheek bones. Easy to apply, easy to blend, what more could you ask for in a brush. However I am struggling to find an efficient use for the 200 shadow brush. For me the brush head is too large for doing anything other than packing shadow onto the lid. It is too dense to blend with, and too wide to apply a crease/transition shade. But it does pick up product well so if you need a brush for solely packing on shadow, buy it!

I am a massive lover all things real techniques and I have used the core collection and eye set pretty much everyday, they are GREAT brushes. However, if you are looking for something a little bit more special as a gift or perhaps you just want to treat yourself, I would go for the bold metals. When you hold and use the bold metals you feel that they have a more luxurious feel. To be honest, you cannot go wrong with any real techniques purchase in my opinion, just depends on your personal perference!