Where I live : BEST BARS

Hello! I really want to start doing posts about where I live, with the best hotspots for drinks, restaurants, hidden gems and whether the tourist attractions are worth it. I live in York, a major tourist destination in the North, so I thought it would be interesting to share what I think as I've lived… Continue reading Where I live : BEST BARS


Reality Check

' I wrote this in on Thursday when I landed back in the UK but I forgot to post it' I've got a completely spontaneous, quite a ramble of a post today. I am currently writing this on my iPad Notes in the car on my way back from Gatwick up to Yorkshire listening to… Continue reading Reality Check


C L E A R your mind: How To Destress

Super quick post for you today, I was at the beach today and it was so relaxing so I got thinking about the best ways to destress so I've put together my top tips of what I think really helps when you're stressed. 1) RE-EVALUATE: With me, I always just like to think about the… Continue reading C L E A R your mind: How To Destress