Winter Date Night OOTD


Hey guys!! I am so excited to be writing this post for two reasons, 1) this will be my first ever collaboration as a blogger and 2) it’s my first ever fashion related post, I’ve never been very good with fashion, so it’s a big step for me to be branching out into it- with help from my best friend who is a fashion wizard. So let’s get into it!


This is the outfit I chose for my first OOTD. I think this is such a perfect date outfit, it’s practical, comfy, warm and very 70’s which I love! I love how the colours go together, and how the mustard really stands out! The necklace is quite a statement piece but I’m wearing near to no other jewelry, so it’s nice to have something that is a bit bolder. The trousers for me are also a bit of a statement, they are so different to what I usually wear and I’ve never owned any trousers like this, so it’s nice to get out my comfort zone. Obviously the jacket is the first thing you see, I got this form the Missguided Sale for £15 and I love it!! The colour is beautiful and it’s so comfortable. Such a steal in the sale. I’m so tempted to get more colours as they also had a gorgeous baby blue or nude.



Shoes – H&M

Trousers – Primark

Top – Primark

Jacket – Missguided

Necklace – Primark

Hat : Black – The Hat Company (York), Beige – Primark

(I can’t find any links for these products guys, they have either been in the sale so they’ve now gone or I bought them ages ago- sorry!!)

Bag – Boutique of Molly

The bag is by Boutique of Molly and that’s who I’ve collaborated with on this post.  It’s such a sleek, easy bag with so much class. It fits so much inside of it, and can be worn two different ways.  I’ve wanted a bag like this for so long, it reminds me so much of the ‘Mulberry Lily Bag’ in medium which I love!! This bag is such good value for money and I’m so happy I got it. I’m always honest on my blog, and I wouldn’t say I loved it if I didn’t! If you fancy getting 20% off anything on their website use code HANFISH20!!


Thank you so much for reading. I had so much fun shooting this as we got caught mid Siberian blizzard so a lot of the shots ended up me just being covered in snow. I can’t wait to do more of these and create new looks. Thanks to my best friend for helping me choose the outfit and for taking the photos!

Primark Haul


I’ve recently seemed to acquire quite a few things from the lovely Primark, so I thought I would do a little haul for you and show you what I got.


High Waisted Jeans

I got these mainly because I needed some new work jeans. If you didn’t know I work in a pub, which can be quite messy, and beer is sticky and goes everywhere, so I wanted to get some inexpensive jeans that I can wear for work so I don’t wreck any of my better pairs. These were £10, and so far so good, they are really comfortable, good material AND the perfect length on me!! I struggle so much in finding jeans that aren’t too long for me, I nearly always have to roll them up. But these ones are perfect fit!

Blue & Black Checkered Scarf

I actually got this as one of my mini extra purchases when I went in to buy jeans. That always seems to happen in Primark, you go in to buy one thing and come out with a whole shopping bag…anyway, I had to get this scarf, it was £2 down from £4. The quality is so nice, super soft and blankety!

Luxury Face Cloths

I wanted to get some new flannel type cloths for when I’m washing my face and I saw these in Primark, 3 for £2! They are so soft and a really good size, really nice range of colours too, it would be easy to find the right colour if you had a scheme going on in your house/bathroom.

Copper Baskets

These are everywhere in the blogging world, and for a good reason! They are so beaut! Shiny copper baskets are so aesthetically pleasing, they look great in shots and flatlays, so I had to pick a couple up! They are definitely worth the hype, they are great for storage on top off your dresser for your everyday essentials.


Marble 3 Tea Light Holder

I hadn’t seen this anywhere but when I saw it in Primark I had to get it, it’s super sleek and really nice and heavy which I like, however it did take a while for me to find one without a chip in it (classic Primark – hoarding through everything to find the best one). Again it’s so nice to pictures, and for only £3.

Copper Triangle Plant Holder

I thought this little triangle copper plant holder was so cute, again I’ve seen so many variations of this in photos online and I know they’ve been out of stock in Primark so I grabbed it when I could. It matches the baskets obviously, which I love. And looks great on my dresser with all the other rose gold pieces I’ve acquired.


The last homeware item I got was a letter board. I really wanted one to go in my blog photos, as I think it looks so nice and creative. Plus it has a rose gold frame so of course I had to get it. And only £6, such a steal. Although in the letter selection their wasn’t an ‘@’ sign which is slightly annoying but I’m sure I can get one from somewhere.

Yellow V Neck Crop

I saw this yellow crop top and just loved the colour –  I’m not going to say too much about it as it’s coming up in another blogpost I’m shooting next week!


High Waisted Checked Clots

These trousers are soon beaut, they had so many nice pairs of clots but I just loved the material of these. Again coming soon in an upcoming blogpost. I’ve not owned a pair of trousers like this before so for me it’s quite a statement and I love it!

Embroidered Platform Ankle Boots

I could not believe the price of these boots when I saw them, £3 down from £6 for a gorgeous pair of embroidered boots! I love the colours of the stitching, and they fit so well, super comfy and easy to walk in. They would look great with plain black jeans and an embroidered/ patterned top with a leather jacket.

That’s everything I’ve bought in Primark recently! Primark has some such good bargains, I just make sure I check the products all over before I buy it for marks and chips, and with clothing alwayssssss try it on!! Even two of the same sizes can fit differently! But overall I love Primark, you can find some absolute steals and I’m yet to try any of the beauty products but a lot of their products are blowing up the internet right now so I really need to get involved!

Thanks for much for reading and tell me what bargains you’ve found at Primark! And if you’ve tried their beauty products – tell me what’s good!