My packing extras: make the most of your trip!

I have always loved the idea of travelling to new places even from when I was really little, as soon as I was old enough to head off into the world I did! My first major trip without my folks being my month away interailing when I was 18. Since then I've done a few… Continue reading My packing extras: make the most of your trip!


Best brunch in BC

Now...I'm not recommending that you fly all the way to Vancouver for brunch (even though it would definitely be worth it) but if you happen to be on the west coast or passing through, you definitely need to check this place out. If you're wanting a big hearty breakfast this is the place to go. When in… Continue reading Best brunch in BC


6 months on the West Coast

For me, Canada is one of those places where everyone should visit at least once. So when I had the opportunity to go (again) and stay for 6 months working as an Au pair on Vancouver Island- I had to do it! It all happened pretty fast, I never thought I'd do anything so adventurous all… Continue reading 6 months on the West Coast